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From Teddy Grouya, Director of the American Documentary Film Festival, comes a film that will follow a group of regular people who want to make an extraordinary difference. This is more than just a surf trip or a travel documentary: it’s your chance to make an impact on the planet and the lives of the people we share it with. 

NOW CASTING!  (Update, this film is cast)

Join us on a road trip down the coast of Ecuador and learn to surf on some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. Along the way, we'll help the communities we pass through by volunteering at sea turtle hospitals, helping build renewable energy sources, and exploring coastal rainforests to learn what we can do to help protect them. 


You don't need prior surfing experience -- in fact, we're specifically looking for people who have never tried surfing before! All ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome. The only requirement is that you're able to pass a basic physical before you leave. 

Cast members will have all expenses paid. In exchange for letting us film you being your awesome self, we'll cover your airfare to Ecuador as well as all your travel, meals, and accommodations while you're there. All you have to do is come along for the ride!








Bed and Breakfast, Ecuador Style
Bicycling at night
Keith, our surfing instructor
Filming on the beach
Open waters
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